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Friday The 13th, By The Given Heart.

Something assumed goes for the fall,
It doesn’t show up as expected.

They said it would be a terrifying blow.

Do we have to dance according to the tune,
Ousting our long planned endeavours,
Wobbling inside the mysterious masquerades of June?
Nervousness has been our companion.

Though we are running after wind,
Heed to these thoughts and unwind.
Interest your own kind,
Never forget how you got this level.
Kinky and crooked at first, can’t you see that you are almost brushed…



Don’t Be A Coward by The Given Heart

Do not be a coward and finish up your race!

Aim to blend what you did not achieve last year with your resolutions for this year and make sure the gradient is a combination of vivid colours.

Procrastination Is Banned.

We stumbled among many obstacles in the fight to achieve our goals in 2022, but 2023 has to be different. The best solution we can use is to avoiding procrastinating. This is when we keep on saying that we will do something yet we don’t do it. We have to ban procrastination from ourselves.

A New Day Arrives. By The Given Heart.

Awakening you;
Exciting us,
Uplifting them!

Ready for you to accept
Its love for us with its renewing concept.
You know why,
Yes you do!
Wake up and fight for your life.

As it was said by some wise men,
“When our horses stopped, we died.”
Don’t wait to die,
Do not kill your innermost abilities.
You have to succeed.
This day is new just for you.

The Fresh Air, By The Given Heart.

Breathing out;
Energy set free,
A gift.
Take your time to sprout.

Since your first second;
Unwillingly — you breathed.
Inside your lungs;
Circling, jumpy and happy
Infinite joy rejoiced.
Dying is not a piece of cake;
Empty those devastating thoughts!


The Lively Gift, by The Given Heart.

Handsomely delivered right at your door,
An envelope so dark but not lovely
Your thoughts start swifting convulsively like a mad crow.
As you hold it; it shouts for an unbearable heat medley,
Thin and crispy in appearance;
Exhibiting unforgiving petrol flames
You toss it to the ground as pain bags dominance.

Layers you were never expecting start getting forgotten like names,
Golden engraved block letters of your name appear willingly;
Flying away as you are satisfied that it belongs to you.
The predecessor breathes out words unsparingly;
Visions, voices and touches harassing you with what you called ‘cool’.

Causing a catastrophic overdose
Like having ten decibels attending you.
This letter comes with nothing but the truth,
Would you be ready if this comes today?
Fight for your life
Stay true to yourself.
Breathe normally.