The Lively Gift, by The Given Heart.

Handsomely delivered right at your door,
An envelope so dark but not lovely
Your thoughts start swifting convulsively like a mad crow.
As you hold it; it shouts for an unbearable heat medley,
Thin and crispy in appearance;
Exhibiting unforgiving petrol flames
You toss it to the ground as pain bags dominance.

Layers you were never expecting start getting forgotten like names,
Golden engraved block letters of your name appear willingly;
Flying away as you are satisfied that it belongs to you.
The predecessor breathes out words unsparingly;
Visions, voices and touches harassing you with what you called ‘cool’.

Causing a catastrophic overdose
Like having ten decibels attending you.
This letter comes with nothing but the truth,
Would you be ready if this comes today?
Fight for your life
Stay true to yourself.
Breathe normally.

Numbness by The Given Heart

What we feel
When we pronounce as; ‘we can’t’.
The wind that injects metamorphosis to the few
That sense disloyalty from their scapegoats upfront.

Tightens pain that we are supposed to befriend,
Stoically vomits lukewarmness,
Poking the truth to come on stage at the very end.
Punching us in the face as a migraine prowess

To awaken our dead senses
That only roars to life when lies diffuse.
Everyday is the last for someone else
Not because they want to leave but it is fate.

Whatever we feel should be run demo
Before trading out our precious coins for a death wish.
When narrating life this feeling of not feeling
Goes a long way in reminding us of the important part of living that we have been ignoring…

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